Sometimes I really don’t get you.

One day we’re so close and the next we’re like strangers. I hate how you asked me if I had any feelings for you, and I said I did. Then you said you also had feelings for me, but then you go and like someone else. Ok, whatever.

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I really like you but i don’t know what i feel anymore.

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Depending on my mood if I used okay then that means I’m happy. But when I just use ok, that means I’m sad or annoyed at you.

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Hi, please don’t lead me on and make me fall for you and then leave me. I hate these mixed feelings and emotions that you’re giving me. I just wanted to say that I like you. A lot. Ever since we’ve been talking I like your personality even more. It’s so crazy how you were once a stranger, but now ever since we got closer, you’re really important to me. It’s so crazy how you’re on my mind 24/7. I get so happy when we talk. I love when your name pops up on my cell phone. I hate how my thoughts and feelings about you are keeping me up at night. These sleepless nights just thinking about you is making me go crazy. Sucks that your feelings for me aren’t the same.

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If you’re my friend then I expect you to back me up when someone talks shit about me. Because I know I would do the same if someone was bagging on my friend.

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I’m All Yours - Jay Sean ft. Pitbull

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Hi, I'm Kathy.

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